The Changing Face of Wedding Photography
September 11th, 2014 by contact@ignite

A Leeds Weddings Photographer Gives us his Perspective on Trends, Fads and Pictures that Stand the Test of Time

Image credit shezita

Wedding Photography has come a long way.  Remember looking at your grandparents wedding photos, or even your parents? Many are all formal stuffy lines of people or cheesy soft focus portraits, with identical size photos presented in an album.

Just as the clothing and styles of the day can instantly date the era of a wedding, there are often trends in the style of photography too.  Photographers have been slave to fashion and trend since the beginnings of photography in the 1800s.  However, the subtleties of style and taste dictate that what was once a clever style very quickly passes to a fad and soon becomes passé or a gimmick.

Take selective colour pictures, where one element is picked out in a vibrant colour and the rest is black and white? This was hugely popular with the advent of the new millennium,  but became overused and passé very quickly.  This was probably due to two things – firstly it was only “clever” while the technology to do it was new, and secondly the smartphone generation has allowed everyone to download a simple app and replicate it.  The 80’s saw sepia as the new style, and high end fashion shoots of the 90’s brought a trend for ‘tilt’ as well as deep saturation and highly vibrant photos.

“A retro look at the touch of a button and instantly a boring subject becomes interesting or ‘fashionable”. 

The most recent trends have been for ‘fake vintage’ and HDR (High Dynamic Range), but these are sure to pass as other trends have before them as the ability to replicate them by all the guests en-masse on their Smartphone with the help of Instagram or Hipstamatic increases.

There seems to be a misconception that a poor photo can masquerade as a passable one using a range of easy applied  ‘effects’ and that over exaggeration often conceals a lack of substance.  Don’t get me wrong, I love using many of these apps on my iPhone but in professional photography I try to steer clear.  I would of course always edit in a style agreed with the couple, but I would strongly advise also providing a “clean edit” set of pictures as well as the “styled”.

“Lasting fashions are unquestionably those that have the widest appeal over the longest time.”

A great photograph will stand the test of time providing a beautiful and timeless memory.   The best photography stands the test of time. You will want your photographs to be enjoyed by your children and probably your grandchildren some day. Other than your memories, these photographs are the lasting true record of your day. The old adage ‘less is more’ applies as much to photography as it does to so many things in life.


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