The most burgled areas in Leeds
January 5th, 2016 by contact@ignite

Leeds LS13 tops the most burgled areas list

Leeds LS13 tops the most burgled areas list

We’ve got lots to be energised and happy about when we talk about Leeds. Leeds is a brilliant centre of commerce and a great shopping centre, but there are a few things that residents might like to change about it. And one of those things is the high burglary rate of some of the areas around Leeds.

There’s been a documentary on Channel Four recently which highlighted the areas that were most likely to have insurance claims because of burglary (and by implication, the areas which had the most burglaries). It didn’t make for good listening, especially if you live in Bramley, Leeds LS13, or in Wyke in Bradford.

Leeds based EDT Security’s Dave Tilford said: “It’s more important than ever to make sure that your house is very well protected with regularly maintained burglar alarms in Leeds.” He added, “It’s important not to read too much into the areas that have been highlighted in the documentary, which stops short at saying that they are rife with crime. It just means that you have to be careful and take the appropriate precautions”.

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