Have these predictions come true for offices across Leeds?
April 24th, 2014 by contact@ignite

In a blog post early in 2014, an office furniture company predicted the following: that kitchen and dining areas will become a prominent feature of office design, stating that as people congregate around kitchens and eating areas, so employers will improve conditions for workers. Well, insiders at Ignite Leeds have found that a nice shiny new kitchen for your office workers kitted out with all the right office/kitchen furniture might be a nice thing, but beware that it’s kept nice and clean as well!

A spokesperson said:

“Staff-run kitchen areas are a true horror story and a food poisoning outbreak waiting to happen. In many cases, we find that nobody’s sure who’s actually in charge of these areas, which means that nobody takes responsibility.”

The survey asked office workers when was the last time their staff kitchen was thoroughly cleaned. The results were alarming:

  • Within the last week 2%
  • Within the last month 5%
  • Within the last three months 11%
  • Within the last year 15%
  • Never 30%
  • Don’t know 37%

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