Branded Marketing Materials – Getting Your Name Out There!
April 11th, 2017 by contact@ignite

In a previous blog, we’ve looked at the value of branded marketing items. Personalising items such as mugs, pens and keyrings is a proven way of getting your name in front of potential customers, particularly in a business to business context.


In marketing there is an old rule, which claims that a potential client or customer will need to have seen your brand’s name seven times in order for it to have made an impression, or to have been remembered for when they need your services. These subtle ways of leaving an impression on your audience are important in winning a place in their attention and being the name they think of for your area of service.


We recently came across another Leeds based company, offering a similar proposition for those who want to get their name seen and remembered. Rather than simply branding promotional items however, Funky Muppet offers the chance to customise balloons and promotional decorative items. It’s especially important, when you have a captive audience, to make the most of that chance to make an impression.


At corporate events, brand launches, shop opening and trade fairs, have eye catching branded materials goes a long way to draw attention and counts towards those seven instances of having seen your branding or name. By customising items such as balloon arches and displays you can create atmosphere and interest at an event. This is a great way to mark out your stall at a trade fair, for example, with a large balloon arch being a way to grab attention over other competitors (when your all vying for attention in a busy hall at an expo everyone is a competitor). This is also a great idea for a shop entrance, have a branded arch of balloons, in company colours with your brand name on, or even spell out your company’s name or some messaging in balloon lettering.


With more new Leeds businesses opening all the time, this a great way to get your name seen in a growing business city.

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